Western Sierra

Law School

Prospective Students

WSLS seeks to admit all students who appear to be competent to study the law and possess a good moral character.

We generally admit students who have earned either an Associates Degree or Bachelors Degree, and have taken the LSAT examination; however in some cases, we may admit students who fall short of one or more these criteria.

We encourage all interested persons to apply, or alternatively, you may inquire with the Dean of Students whether admission can be granted under your particular circumstances.

Students who have previously attended other law schools, including ABA, CBA, and other Unaccredited law schools may be entitled to transfer previously earned credits toward the WSLS J.D. Program.Contact the Dean of Students for more information.

The California Bar requires WSLS to disclose certain information on our website and other publications. Please click the 'Guideline 2.3(D) Disclosures' to the left. Alternatively, you can meet with the Dean of Students to go over Western Sierra Law School's current disclosure statement.

Interested persons can download the APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION here.  Please submit your Application, along with a check in the amount of $50.00 (payable to Western Sierra Law School).  Mail your Application attached with your check to 8690 Aero Drive, #115-90, San Diego, California  92123.  In addition, the following documents are required for admission:  official transcripts from all colleges attended, along with two letters of recommendation and 2-5 pages "personal statement" indicating why you are interested in becoming an attorney.

Upon acceptance to the law school, students are required to enroll in at least 27 units/year. The current schedule of classes may be obtained under the 'current students' page, or by logging in on the main page. If you require assistance selecting courses, you may consult the 'courses' tab above, or contact the Dean of Students for more information. Upon selecting courses for the term, students must fill out the Enrollment Form. 

In the past five years 61% of Western Sierra Law School Students who took the First Year Law Student's Examination (Baby Bar) passed and 50% of Western Sierra Law School Students who took the California Bar Examination passed.

Interested persons can download the Enrollment Form here. For this schools California Bar Examination statistics, please visit the California Bar Website.

For more information regarding Admissions and Enrollment, please contact the Dean of Students.